spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

season in review

should've posted more during the season i guess. oh well.

ended up getting some old school head carve skis from the recycle centre while i was getting the others fixed. one of the supervisors gave me a spare set of decent salomon 12 bindings and got them remounted on the fishers.

not much happened in jan, seemed to be raining all the time. cover down low was getting a bit sketch. finally got the s3's in late jan. took over a month to arrive. they're awesome. thought they would be my powder skis, but are more like all mountain skis. not quite fat enough for deep pow, but pretty good for all conditions. would ski them all the time, if i wanted.

february was quite good snow wise. lots of it. snowiest february ever i think.

actually tried stuff on skis in march. did some drops, and tried to do 3's in the park. didn't work out too well. but didn't really hurt myself too bad, so it was ok. was eventually able to do 3's sort of on flat and off small bumps and cattracks. got a fair bit of decent pow skiing in too. would rather be boarding, but not too bad on the fattish skis.

kept snowing in april, which it normally doesn't. moved in with hotham friend, cos someone else left to go back to montreal. finally landed a decent drop, around 10ft. nearly died while skiing along the ridge line near couloir extreme. slid over some rocks and lost edge, nearly went over some exposed 60ft cliffs.

telus fest just finished. was pretty good. lots of stuff going on. saw a bunch of live bands, went to a few events. went to 3po for free, a 'multimedia' showcase short video comp or something. winning short was a stop motion, the man and the mammoth. really cool. the snowboard slopestyle wasn't that great, not really any pro riders. someone was trying double backflips off the hip gap jump, that was cool tho. saw a bunch of live bands, spirit of the west, tokyo police club, black mountain, and broken social scene. and a bunch of others a bit. bss were pretty good. they played for around 90mins, pretty much a full set. went to the palm bay slush cup on saturday, seemed like the busiest day on mountain all season. massive line for all the lifts. random people trying to ski/board across a large pool of water, dressed up, doing funny/stupid stuff. was quite funny. weather was perfect for it, bluebird and hot. then skiers big air that night, 70ft kicker. with heaps of pros. you pretty much needed to do double cork 12's.

work. not surprisingly they well overhired staff this season. i was lucky though and managed to average 4-5 days a week of work. some of the snowboard instructors weren't even getting 3 days a week. didn't seem to work very much at schools, and usually got elementary kids, was much better when i had the older kids, bit disappointed didn't get to work there as much. and i did club on the weekends. same kids on saturday and sunday. had a kid with asberger's in the saturday class, that was always hard work. sunday kids were mostly shithouse, all 5 or 6 years old, and couldn't ski and didn't really want to ski. some didn't progress at all, but one kid improved heaps, cos he tried really hard. didn't get any tips at all from any parents at the end of the program. a double block of toblerone and a $5 starbucks gift card, that was all. gay. oh well. worked down at whistler kids during the xmas/new year holidays. wasn't that great, so disorganised, lunch was shit, and always kept getting the younger kids. did a few days at blackcomb kids later in the season when there were no schools, that was a bit better, a bit more organised and relaxed.

overall... went to a lot of staff dinners. too many dickhead aussies. lots of young kids. good terrain. low altitude, rained lower half of mountain a fair bit. lots of good snow up top.
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