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didn't ski that much before training. cbf. got some new skis and bindings at the ski pro deal night. luckily they had what i wanted. rossi s3 168's, fat skis, around high 90's underfoot. wanted to get some touring bindings, but couldn't get any there, so just got some standard 12 bindings. ski school party was right after, caught up with all the hotham crew.

training. mostly boring. caught something off roommate, so wasn't feeling that great all week. not skiing too well either. everything pretty much a refresher for everything i've already done. shadow day was quite eventful though. took forever to get groups sorted out. had some intermediate kids. one girl sprained her wirst with another instructor before lunch, another kid twisted his knee on the last run of the day. another kid puked in the gondola down at the end of the day. the girls were making him laugh while he was drinking water, hilarious.

signed up for level 2 training yesterday. pissing down with rain all day. didn't get too wet though. completely fucked up one of my ski bindings now. was skiing down a fairly steep section and fell back, got up and fell back again. that was when someone noticed the front of the binding had come off the ski. the pin had come out during the hotham season from getting hit by a runaway snowboard. fixed it properly back home. skiied pretty hard yesterday, so must've come loose sometime. then all it took was too much back seat to fuck it up completely. obviously couldn't ski down with one ski, and was near the top of the mountain. so had to walk back up the steep section back to the top of the chairlift. then had to get a snowmobile ride to the bottom of some other chair. had to catch that to the top, then bummed another (short) snowmobile ride to another lift to download. then had to download another lift, and finally up another one to get back to home. 4 chairlifts, fucking ridiculous. a ride all the way to the bottom would've been nice. they didn't seem too busy.

went to staff dinner for dinner. sunday is roast night. $6 for roast meat with veges and gravy, (chowder) soup, salad, (grape) jelly, (choice of fruits, )and unlimited pop. quite a decent amount for the price. there also happened to be an 80's quiz for that night, first prize being 4 free dinners. thought i was a guaranteed win for sure, most of the people there probably weren't even born in the 80's. ended up coming 2nd, won nothing. the team that won looked quite young, probably cheated with their iphones.

today, took the ski to some places to see if it could be fixed. obviously not. will have to remount it with some other bindings. saw some cheap ex-rental skis for $50, might get those and swap the bindings over. gonna go to the recycle centre tomorrow to see if they have any interesting stuff or anything cheaper.
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