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arrived a few days ago. flight to sydney was freezing for some reason. then had to wait around 3hrs before i could check in. flight to vancouver was not unexpectedly long. watched two chinese movies and a show about michelin stars. apparently it was the coldest day in vancouver 25 years or something, -8C, fresh. flight arrived late, immigration for working holiday visa people was taking forever, only one person doing it and 20+ people waiting. worried i wasn't going to make my bus to whistler. in the end more people turned up to help out and made it to the bus with a bit of breathing space. got a taxi to the staff accom after being dropped off.

staff accom is not that great. a bit small. two bedroom, one bathroom units. two people per room. i got stuck with the top bunk as i was last person to move in. roommates are ok, but all a bit young, in their early 20's. two are from hotham too, one i recognised. worst thing though is that there's no oven!!!!!!!!!! wtf. having serious issues thinking about what to cook for the season. it is in a very good location though. walking distance from work and pretty much ski in, ski out. right next to the ski slope.

sorted all the paperwork and everything out in the first few days. wasn't too hard. somehow forgot my criminal record check, luckily i had a backup that was acceptable. went to the pro deal night for snowboard instructors and got the helmet i wanted for really cheap and a snowboard. the protec b2 snow helmet with audio ear pads and a forum destroyer chillidog wide as a powder board. the libtech rep wasn't there, but i will get his contact details and probably get a libtech board too.

groceries are fucking expensive. was expecting prices similar to america, but more like prices closer to japan. maybe cos it's a ski resort town. will confirm when i go to walmart in squamish when i can.

training doesn't start for another week and a bit, so have lots of free time. went skiing last two days. rode the peak2peak gondola first day. pretty cool. second day stayed on blackcomb. hadn't a massive crash and double ejected. not easy to do with dins on 8. didn't ski today, neck, arms, shoulders are quite sore.
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