spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

everything else until now

didn't work much before hotham. found a great retaining wall for a rugby oval in cottesloe to climb. got an xbox360. played that a fair bit.

hotham. didn't suffer too much from the sophmore slump. and by the end was a pretty great season. started off very slow. without snowmaking, would've been nothing. then snowiest august for fucking ages. dumped massively. unfortunately did not get to enjoy much, was either working or on the skis eating shit. failed the ski resit, passed demos, only freeski to go. went for sb level 1, failed demos and freeski. should've passed demos if i wasn't riding so shit that day.

whistler were doing interviews at hotham, so applied for that and got an instructor job. worked out perfectly as i was going to canada to do something one way or another.

left hotham later than the season before but again didn't stay until the end. went to melbourne and hung out there for a few days. that was quite fun. caught up with some people and stuff.

didn't work much again after hotham. tried to get fit. failed miserably. went climbing a few times, a bike ride, a swim. mostly played xbox. and very slowly got ready to goto canadia.
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