spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

a bit late...

this happened around 8 months ago.

tokyo day 2. tired of tokyo after one day, went to yokohama and the largest chinatown in japan apparently. wasn't very exciting, very touristy and japanese. nothing like normal chinatowns. then walked to the harbour and walked around a lot. then back to tokyo and walked around the palace exterior or something. finally back to the 100yen sushi place and got more stuff from the much larger 100yen store nearby.

tokyo day 3. went to shizuoka. to visit shizuokagirl. bus ride took a few hours i think. she showed me around her town and stuff. was quite cloudy and couldn't see mt fuji at all. even though we were right near it. disappointing. still it was fun to get out of the city and do more relaxing stuff. went to expensive unagi restaurant right before i left. tasted so fucking good. bus ride home took forever, lots of traffic. still went to 100yen sushi again for dinner.

plane ride ridiculousness. those cunts at checkin for garuda said i could only have one carry on, and my ski bag was too heavy or something. even though i had no problems at all from perth to tokyo. then when i repacked and put more stuff into the big carry on, they said my ski bag had to be 15kgs. fucking outrageous. what the fuck was up with going from tokyo. i told them it was fucking impossible and to go fuck themselves. they stopped caring by that point and wanted me out of there. ski bag ended up being just over 20kg, and big carry on that i had to check in was under 15kg. fucking inconsistent garuda baggage rules.
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