spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

tokyo day1

first day was spent walking around tokyo and shopping and stuff.

woke up earlyish to go to the tsukiji fish market. didn't get there early enough so not very exciting. just lots of stalls selling tuna and shellfish and stuff. saw some really large abablones. ate at a very expensive sushi place there. had a salmon, crab, and chu toro for around 1500yen. not really worth it.

next was to akihabara. the large electronics area. walked around to heaps or computer/camera/electrical stores looking for cheap stuff and found nothing. also went to some video arcades, those were the days...

next was the quest to find a cheap one piece. went to the ski/sb area and went to every shop i could see. everything was still overpriced and not great. even though it was the end of the season. so disappointing. didn't find any one pieces for a decent price.

then to abc mart a shoe store chain. went to the main store hoping to find some cheap shoes. again very disappointed. store was smaller than some of the other one i had been to and the range of shoes wasn't that great either.

then finally to what is supposed to be a decent 100yen store in harajuku. another waste of time. another small store with a shitty range of products.

then back home and to the nearby 100yen sushi place for dinner. place was packed with an hour or so wait, but got in straight away thanks to a single empty spot on the counter. not the greatest sushi, but can't complain for 100yen a plate.

very disappointing day overall. just reminded me of osaka except bigger and crappier. and no bargains to be found shopping.
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