spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

last days in japan pt1

didn't do much after hakodate and before i left niseko. spent most of the time pissfarting around and slowly packing. went to sapporo on my last night there. quite pointless and timewasting, but it was my last night, yellowf and tokenj really wanted to go (to see aspen friend before i leave). was supposed to go sometime after lunch but left at around 5pm. was going to goto allyoucaneat bbq, but wasn't hungry yet, so went to pachinko first, for yellowf's benefit. loud, annoying, smoky and boring. tokenj lost a few thousand and yellowf lost a thousand on 1yen pachinko. after that ended up going to nakau, a donburi chain like yoshinoya.

then to meet up with oldfriendimetinaspenthatlivesinsapporo at starbucks, cos tokenj had *any* drinks free coupons. went to mandai quickly while she got ready and drove there. unfortunately was not able to find any decent snowboard pants my size. oh well. tokenj bought a scooter. what a retard.

met up with aspengirl at starbucks. got the venti (largest) dark-chocolate mocha frappucino, plus extra shot, plus whipped cream, plus chocolate sauce, plus choc chips. hooray for free drinks. wasn't feeling too great afterwards though. there still another coupon left, but was way too full to use it.

then we went to karaoke. even tho it was already midnight, it would take up to 3hrs to get back home, and i still had to do final packing to go catch the bus at 10am to the airport to goto tokyo. karaoke was very cheap, stayed for 90mins. was not singing well at all that night tho.

finally left sapporo at around 2am. i was driving cos the others had drunk. fuel was under a quarter and dropping fast. this was around 15mins out. decided not to turn back to fill up. we might not make it, that would be funny. started to drive conservatively, so not as fast as i would've liked, and in neutral a fair bit. made it back quite easily before 4am. fuel light didn't even come on. the fuel efficient advantages of kei cars.

woke up early to finish packing and catch the bus to the airport. nothing exciting happened. sent my ski bag from the airport to narita airport. how convenient. no need to lug that massive thing around tokyo. nothing exciting flight. caught some trains to accom in tokyo. during rush hour. fully packed trains with no room to move. hotel was quite a walk from the train station. but it was cheapish and had my own private room. good enough for me. night time by now. got some food from the combini nearby and planned the next day...
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