spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

day trip to hakodate

...on what was supposedly one of the top 3 days of the season. oh well.

got woken up at 630am, that wasn't fun. went back to bed. made toast without realising some were already waiting at the car. grabbed everything and toast and had to eat in the car. eventually left the house sometime after 730am. then stopped at tokenj's work while he pissfarted around looking for some guides or something. i think we eventually left around 8am, cos supposedly it would take 4hrs to get to hakodate.

stopped for a rest just passed oshamanbe possibly. and got some cheap soba and free (really shit) fried scallops on a stick. then all the way to hakodate to try and make it to the markets before they closed at noon. stopped at the first lucky pierrot, a burger chain that only exists there. was advised by the staff to goto the park first and the markets are more for wholesalers and the shops don't close then.

so we went to onuma park. the lake was frozen and covered in snow. yellowf tested the integrity of the lake ice by throwing a large rock down onto it from a bridge. fully solid. we all walked on the lake for a bit at some point. and walked around the park over the many small bridges, until we left cos yellowf's (ex)gffromshizuoka's feet were cold. it was nice, be interesting to see it snowless and unfrozen.

next was to hakodate central for famous seafood donburi. i got a salmon and scallop one. the salmon was so fucking good. others had prawns, crab, squid, salmon roe and other stuff. then we walked around the markets. i tried some uni (sea urchin (roe)). tastes like eating the sea with a bad seafoody aftertaste, i wonder why it's so fucking expensive. tokenj and shizuokagirl bought some uni, and other crap for a very good price.

then to some old red brick warehouses converted into nice shops and stuff. stopped at a coffee shop. for some cake and drinks. got some nice chocolate cake. also visited the first ever concrete electricity pole in japan. not very exiciting. just an ordinary power pole, if it wasn't for the sign next to it. then stopped a one of the many lucky pierrots we saw while there. for the most popular "chinese chicken" burger. which was just some karaage chicken in a bun with lettuce and some sweet'n'sour like sauce. not that exciting.

next was fort goryokaku. which possibly might translate to pentagon shaped fort. the fort itself was closed by the time we got to it, but the tower right next to it was still open, for some good views. the others went up, while i waited cos i didn't want to pay over $10 to go up and not very exciting tower. apparently tokenj spent the whole time up there trying to chat up a (supposedly (according to yellowf (who is incredibly biased))) hot chick. funny stuff.

night time by then. time for the main event and highlight of the trip. mount hakodate. apparently one of the three best city night views in the world supposedly. the other two being hong kong (check) and naples (not yet). we had to take the ropeway up cos the roads to the top were closed in winter. it was perfect conditions that night. the sky was clear and the full moon was out and the wind wasn't too strong. attempted to get some decent shots from the observation deck on the roof. quite cold up there. got a few good shots. not many. but it was quite a nice view. walked around a bit a checked out the souvenir store before catching the ropeway back down.

then off to ramen. the top salt based ramen restaurant in hokkaido according to tokenj's magazine that he had, if it can actually be believed. we stopped at a sushi place first for some reason i forget. was a bit more expensive than usual places. and no unagi. but for some strange reason salmon was among the cheapest dishes. had six plates of that. it was so fucking good. no idea why it was the cheapest, no complaints from me. then to ramen right after that. got the salt one, while tokenj got a special miso one, and shizuokagirl got a spicy one. we shared some gyoza. and finished off what shizuokagirl couldn't finish.

finally went home after that. slept most of the way while shizuokagirl kept tokenj awake for the drive. quite a fun day.

shizuokagirl left to go back to (tokyo, but ended up being) shizuoka the next day. even though she was supposed to stay longer, but things weren't working out with yellowf.
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