spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

wow, another update

memory is so bad.

had an okonomiyaki party a few days back. there was argument about what should be put in them. but it all worked out in the end. pork/kimchi was my combination of choice. seafood mix was also added to it. which doesn't sound like it would go well with pork, but didn't seem to be a problem.

went riding the last few days. probably last 3 days. but don't really remember. there was a massive dump, but fucking windy. so didn't head out until lateish afternoon the first day when the winds dies down slighty and they opened some lifts. got some nice fresh turns i guess. the next day winds were all but gone, so we hiked the peak. the top was ice, but the rest of the way was some nice fresh pow. maybe a bit heavy but still ok.

then what was meant to be a trip to kutchan to do some shopping ended up being a trip to otaru. stopped in yoichi for late lunch at a place recommended by heaps of japanese people. i got the unagi-don. and a salmon onigiri. pretty good. then to otaru for allyoucandrink karoke. stayed there for about 2.5hrs. had about 6-8 or so kahluamilks without any ill effects. and didn't feel like shit afterwards, that was good. they had ice ice baby there, first time i've seen it at any karaoke. unfortunately yellowf was unable to keep up with me and was mostly out of sync the whole time.

blue bird the next day. took the skis out, cos no more powder. and hiked the peak again. soley for views. snow conditions up there were rather crap and heavy, being so fucking hot and sunny. had to take my jacket and shirt off and go topless when we stopped halfway up to cool down and again when we got to the top. got some cool photos and went with yellowf's missus back to hano3 cos she had cramp in her toes and i didn't want to hike out. while the others went down the other way. went home after a few more runs on the groomers.

party at night at our place. didn't know until late arvo. a fair amount of people, got quite crazy later. went to bed early. had a killer headache at the end of the night. place was fucking filthy in the morning. fucking lazy cunts.
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