spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

japan update #2

nothing particularly exciting has happened since sapporo i guess.

worked fairly solidly for two weeks during chinese new year. that was actually quite fun. rather than sitting around doing nothing much all day. got paid to ski and snowboard a bit. haven't worked since. but made some good money. even got a tip.

went to hangetsuko twice. a lake in a crater near the base of mt. yotei. the frist time we went, we slid down to the lake level, which was obviously quite frozen over. and smokestoomuchgirl got stuck at a point where there was a drop down. she would lead you to believe it was a cliff, in actuality it was a rather small drop, maybe 2m or so, with fresh pow landing. i went to help her and also got stuck, almost slid down and fell due to lack of footing, but managed to support weight on a small stick with a decent root system. after some pissfarting around just jumped off. smokestoomuch was too much of a pussy tried to moved to a better position to jump and just fell off like a spastic. quite funny. we walked onto the lake for fun then out of the crater on the normal designated path. the second time we went, we walked along the ridge of the crater. it had rained prior so the snow was quite heavy and soft. did not make for easy walking.

went to otaru at some point. the closest large town/city/whatever, about an hour or so away depnding on traffic, usually longer. went to a really good sushi place. had some fucking awesome eel and fatty salmon as usual. also went to karaoke too.

went rock climbing at some point too. at the local mini indoor rock climbing place. didn't do very well due to lack of energy and prior laziness as usual. and we walked there from our middle of nowhere accom, took 20-30mins, that didn't fucking help. was pretty fun still. and still better than everyone else that went. yellowf probably did as good as me if not slightly better. i should stop being so lazy and try and eat more.

some people left our accom to move into supposedly better on mountain accom. there was a party. didn't seem like we were invited. felt a bit awkward.

did the bag jump at hanazono. which is a jump into a large inflatable bag. so you can try all sorts of crazy stuff and supposedly not get hurt. helmets are mandatory. borrowed someone's. was on skis, and tried to do a backflip. stopped rotating somewhere between 180 and 270. landed on my head and hit the bottom. 2m of inflatable bag did not help much. neck was fucking sore the next day and subsequent days too. perfect example of why i don't ride park.

everyone moved out of our shitty middle of fucking nowhere accomodation almost two weeks ago. into super awesome location accom on mountain about 5-10mins walk from lifts. so much better. still didn't stop me from being too lazy to go skiing and stuff. been playing some starcraft against yellowf. he starts pretty quick and rushes, but that's easily stopped, then it's all over. there's also a ps2 here with tekken4. i suck at it so bad. getting better, but still mostly dominated by yellowf.

staff party about a week ago. open bar, lots of food. ate too much. lots of cheese weiners, fried half wingettes and wedges. didn't drink anything.

also played some table tennis recently on tournament quality equipment (at a bar not very far at all from new accom (sadly it's now shut for the season)). everyone is shit, except yellowf. beating him in the beginning then started losing to him when energy was running out. still heaps fun tho.

went to otaru again a few days back. just for fun. weren't really supposed to. so if anyone asks we were in kutchan having dinner. went to a supposedly massive but ended up being not so large 100yen store. then walked around an actual super massively long multi storey shopping mall. then went to a ramen place that iron chef french hiroyuki sakai has been to. how exciting. had the miso ramen. it was pretty good. cheap too.

last three days have been epic-ish powder days. didn't go out the first day. due to waking up too late and laziness. and not being informed by any of my housemates who ALL went out early. thanks for the fucking heads up. woke up earlier than usual and went riding most of the day yesterday. again everyone had left early again. so just went riding on my own. better anyway. not having to fucking wait for anyone and can goto my secret stashes. was riding a 156 that was not fully setback. back leg was dying fast. switched to the 162 fully set back, around lunch time some time. that made things easier. got a few untracked runs in and just riding pow all day in general. legs were sore by the end of the day. didn't wake up as early today. again everyone had left. such nice housemates. eventually got out there and hiked to the peak on my own. was getting quite windy by the time i was out there. legs were still sore from previous day and ran out of water. took quite a while to get to the top obviously, stopping every few steps. to recover from dying. had a really nice run tho, not too many tracks. didn't want to hike back out so cut back across to the chair. went back up to possibly hike up again. but peak gate was closed cos of winds, so traversed through another gate and traversed far far out. snow was much heavier and not so deep. didn't want too hike out too much so cut back across to point with the shortest hike out. was bored and tired by then so went home after that.
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