spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

sapporo pt3

got up at 8am after pretty much no sleep. had breakfast at the spa. was quite shit. too much japanese crap.

then walked back to car. stopped at first supermassive sculpture we missed the previous night and took some photos. tokenj went to the top of sapporo tower for 700yen. we walked back to the car and waited.

then back to bic camera. yellowf got a video/still camera, i got a portable 500gb hard drive. we got massive discounts cos i had my passport with me and so we didn't have to pay sales tax and i did some other shit to get further discounts. hard drive ended up being around 8000yen, which is quite good i think. half as much as some other models in other places. and the camera went from 20000 to about 13000.

i absolutely insisted that we goto 100yen sushi. the previous place was good, but i wanted to load up on cheap sushi. ended up getting 14 plates. mostly eel and salmon. tried a scallop one (not that great (was cooked rather than raw)) and a chuutoro (medium fatty tuna (wasn't too bad)) and anago (which was like eel but not as good (smoother texture tho)). the fatty salmon one was really fucking good.

then off to the second mandai store. yellowf pretty much slept in the car for the rest of the trip. this mandai had different, possibly more interesting stuff. didn't find any decent snow pants tho. tokenj got 2 shoes so he could get one for half price.

next, tokenj went to get his haircut while we slept in car. then back to the first mnandai so he could get the jacket he tried on the previous day.

then to mos burger for dinner, then finally back home at night time.

overall a pretty good trip. finally got to see the yuki matsuri, which was awesome. and got to check out sapporo a bit too. pretty cool city. like a smaller version of osaka. possibly back there next week for the big air comp there, and yellowf wants to go drinks with chicks paid to drink with you.
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