spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

sapporo pt2

...the night was nowhere near over.

first priority was to find some accomodation. went to a capsule hotel that looked nice, with onsen and stuff and was fairly cheap. no chance of getting booked out so decided to come back later at the end of the night.

first goal for the others: getting drunk. walked around for a bit looking for a bar or something. eventually got harassed at an intersection by random dudes trying to get us to go the establishments they were pimping, including various karaoke places, "hostess" bars, etc. the others wanted to go and drink with "hot chicks" for an hour for 3000+yen, one dude has a seriously severe case of yellow fever. decided to do that later, after having drinks elsewhere first. so we decided to go to karaoke allyoucandrink for 1000yen/hr after some bargaining. decided to do that for an hour.

karaoke was very quite fun. had quite a few songs i'd've never expected. especially: ash - halloween, wtf is a b-side by a not very well known band doing on the song list at a japanese karoke place. awesome. jet - move on, was heaps fun to sing. sadly, i was the best singer out of the three of us. but was on form this time or as best as i can hope for anyway. we extended the time there by 30mins twice, cos it was going so quick and it was heaps fun. and cos it was allyoucandrink, decided to make the most of it. nothing on the list looked very drinkable except kahlua milk, so just kept ordering those everytime yellowf got a beer. had about 6-9 of those by the end of the two hours. guess there wasn't much kahlua in them or something, cos wasn't particularly feeling the effects of them too much. they probably helped with the singing tho.

next, was looking for another capsule place that was closer than the first one we went to. so i could stay there and sleep for the night, cos i didn't want to pay some ridiculous amount of money to drink with some not that great looking chicks (cos i don't have yellow fever) that pretended to like you for an hour. our token japanese companion had far less to drink but continually got lost trying to find it, probably cos he was too busy perving on (mostly too young) chicks with short skirts and (sometimes) exposed legs in close to zero degree temperatures and got distracted.

while looking for the place (bumped/ran into)/stumbled upon/picked up/found two random japanese chicks coming out of somewhere walking around drunk as, all over the shop. one latched on to yellowf and the other needed help to walk without falling. after walking randomly with them in no apparent particular direction eventually went into a cafe for more allyoucandrink and pasta. so more kahlua milks for me. unfortunately, yellowf was in fully wasted sleaze mode and wasn't drinking much anymore. ended up having 3-5 or so there. so 10+ overall, and didn't feel any adverse effects. had to order food there as part of the allyoucandrink deal there. nothing that great. yellowf's chick refused to speak to him in english. and told him (many many times) that he was in japan and should fucking speak japanese. she was also quite surprised at finding out he was only 21, and kept crapping on (multiple times) about how he was too young for her cos she was 28. tokenj was doing a fair bit of translating for them. the other chick was drunk chain smoking, luckily airflow was away from me. it was fun but nobody was gonna get lucky, that much was quite apparent.

after leaving them to somehow stumble their way back home by bus or something or other, we resumed our search for the other capsule place. eventually found it, by then it was after 4am, drinking with chicks getting paid for it was no longer an option for them, yellowf was gutted. so we decided to stay there for six hours for a reasonable price, but not in capsules. just the spa and lounge area. had quick onsen to freshen up and stuff, then went to the lounge area to sleep. 5am by now, and the plan was to wake up at 830am. yellowf passed out straight away cos he was smashed. i didn't get much, if any, sleep. too many people and too much noise, from people moving around and snoring and some fucking cunt watching tv with the headphones out at some fucking ridiculous time.

oh well, end of a long and pretty good and eventful day 1...
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