spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

sapporo in review part 1

been in sapporo for close to two days. just got back...

felt tired and sleepy during trip there. dunno why. left sometime after 830am but didn't arrive in sapporo actual until much later. thanks to many mini side trips for shopping and various stuffs.

first place we went was mandai. a quite large second hand store, with lots of "cool, hip, retro" clothes and stuff, among other things. got a ski jacket from there, that i probably don't need, but has a (probably fake) fur lined hood, which is cool. wanted to get some ski pants but the ones i wanted were probably chick ones and looked a bit too gay. next stop was kaiten sushi. haven't had proper for ages, was pretty good. but not all 100yen, so didn't get too many. the unagi was fucking awesome tho, but one of the most expensive plates. then to another second hand store that was expensive and shit. and after that finally made it into sapporo central and drove around to find some cheap parking that ended up being not that cheap.

watched the park air for a bit first. a 30ft+ or so jump was setup in the one of the areas of the park. and dudes on snowboard were trying to do tricks. the landing looked and sounded hard and icy. most didn't land properly trying to spin too much. there were a few nice 3's and backflips. and some synchro stuff too.

then to bic camera to look for stuff to buy and kill time. ended up getting something from there the next day for a very good price. went to the capsule station there and got a cool yuki figurine from the haruhi capsule machine. for some reason have not been able to find any frog keychain capsule thingys anywhere at all, maybe they've stopped making them ages ago.

then to a massive kinokuniya. and managed to get the first two murakami books in english, which aren't available outside japan. woohoo. almost worried that they didn't have them, cos storelady wasn't getting any results on the computer search, but after some extensive searching she finally found them. hooray.

it was night time by then so finally made our way to the snow festival. pretty fucking awesome. the supermassive sculptures were cool. and there were shitloads of smaller ones. a lot more than i thought. some were quite good. took photos of almost all of them, didn't realise there were so many, otherwise wouldn't've bothered. got some really good super cheap miso ramen for 300yen somwhere along the way, awesome. took ages walk around the whole festival. was massive, 12 blocks worth. also got some last minute yakitori special. and some "hot red wine" from italy, apparently. lights were shut off b4 we could see the first super sculpture which we skipped at the start. was sometime between 2200 and 2300 by then...
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