spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,


haven't been riding much. too cold, too lazy. too much effort geting up the mountain. went for a whole day earlier in the week, skiing after lunch.

hiked to the peak two days ago. didn't take too long. maybe 20mins or so. first half of hike was the hardest. but totally worth it. even tho it was -20 up top, -30 wind chill. and couldn't see shit. and goggles were all frozen up and couldn't see shit. still worth it tho. snow was awesome and still a fair bit of untracked pow. on the traverse out, stayed high and couldn't see shit. sudden drop came out of nowhere. fell about 2.5m, funny stuff. went to okonomiyaki in town for dinner. got a pork kimchi one. was quite good. got to choose own amount of sauce and shit to put on it. no fucking mayo thanks. good stuff. went to a bar on mountain afterwards to watch housemate play some choons for his last time. got hit hard on the forehead by a mysterious flying icecube from nowhere. fucking drunk cunts.

going to sapporo sometime in the coming days for the yuki matsuri. woohooo. about fucking time. should be heaps awesome.
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