spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

japan update #1

it's been a bit over two weeks since i got here. over 24hrs of planes, buses, and transit. felt like puking for the last half of main flight. dunno why. somehow survived. fucking hot and humid in bali airport. saved by close to 0 temps in tokyo.

worked first 3 days. bunch of fucking spoilt little shits. parents with more money than sense. 11 or so nannies and babysitters for 3 girls. wtf. life served on a silver platter. impossible to deal with. haven't worked since.

first accom was same place as other instructors. only temporary. was sleeping in a largish wir. very damp from poor construction, lack of insulation, and large temperature differential. was ok tho. on mountainish, 15mins walk away of office and lifts. moved out a few days ago. to an even bigger place. not really better tho. middle of nowhere. difficult to get to mountain or anywhere else really. such a fucking hassle to go anywhere. internet is better, no need to steal it. but laptop can't find the fucking wireless network for some fucking reason, even tho nobody else has that problem. so have to plug into the router and sit next to it. gay. fast tho, over 1mb/s at times. everything else is comparable, so overall not a better place. maybe back to first place end of the month.

started skiing on new skis first few days. struggling in the pow and mostly mogully runs. fuck that shit. eventaully found a board to borrow, 162cm. perfect size for the pow. so much more fun. have got in a fair few nice untracked pow runs since.

chinese new year coming up. should be flat out work during that week or two or however long it ends up being. then back to freeriding with more skiing later in the season when there should be less pow.

overall, not really feeling it here. too many dickhead aussies here. too many people tracking out the mountain too. snow and runs are awesome tho, reminds me of the season in snowmass.
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