spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

this should've been writtend a long time agos

2009 hotham season in review

unfortunately it was too long ago to remember much. throughout the season i had over 30kg of potatoes, 5kg of milo, and only 8L of ice cream. went out to eat a fair bit. and other stuff.

the conditions were quite shit. rained more than snowed. and very few bluebird days. biggest dumps of snow were before the season started and after it ended. useful.

accom was expensive. got a place in dinner plain and shared with 3 random instructors met at hiring clinic. all really cool and easy to get along with. really good. apart from the expensiveness. already booked a place for next season, hopefully not as expensive, and just as cool people.

work was heaps fun. only taught kids the whole season. 6-14yr olds. exactly what i wanted. mostly skiing sometimes snowboarding. even tho rookie season there, got good level groups a lot of the time. not fucking first timers all the time. and the supervisor is a hilarious austrian guy.

that's it. that's all. already locked in to work there again next season. hopefully snow is better.
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