spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

went to dego last night

for the mountain fresh festival in hotham and dinner plain. at graze at rundells. did not have the wine option but tried them all anyway. really can't say if they matched well or not. 6 courses...

1. seared octopus carpaccio, smoked eel, muscatel jelly, caraway lavosh.
yeah... didn't really rate it. the jelly was cool. it all went together really well tho.

2. Harrietville mountain trout and nori ravioli, spinach and basil buerre noisette.
really liked this one. the ravioli had good flavours and the buerre noisette was yum.

3. cured highland venison, micro herbs, beetroot sorbet, roasted nuts, apricot puree.
hmm... all of it didn't really seem to work well together. the sorbet was a bit out of place. venison was interesting...

4. duck liver, milawa organic duck breast and croquette with witlof and beetroot jam.
probably best dish of the night. even the liver was ok. everything worked well together.

5. roast rack of organic Cherry Tree lamb, braised shank tart, white bean puree, black olive jus.
the lamb was fucking amazing. and the tart filling was so rich. pastry seemed a bit dry. maybe it was just mine. came with broccolini, which i hate. and don't rate balck olives either. but the lamb was good.

6. macadamia nut and saffron fingers with lemon curd tart and vanilla bean anglaise.
a dessert without dark chocolate is not a dessert... nah, it was pretty good. can't go wrong with anglaise.

overall a pretty good night. good food, good company. next stop probably tsubo again for more pork belly heavenly goodness.
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