spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

kinda hard to post without decent internet

quick summary

went to melbourne. hung out there for a few days. went to hotham for hiring clinic. just made it in, i think. went back to melbourne for a week to recover from poor high altitude conditioning.

someone found some rather expensive accomodation in dinner plain (15kms down from hotham central), so one less thing to worry about. too bad there's three of us in the one bedroom, while the 4th guy (who found the place) has a whole room and double bed to himself. nice. and he doesn't pay more rent. whatever.

then back to hotham for more boring training.

found out would be working with the 3-6 yr olds. wasn't happy. but after some shadowing of it, didn't seem too bad. then they changed it to 3-5 yr olds. and got moved to working with the 6-14 yr olds. which is ok too.

last few weeks have been busy as, thanks to school holidays. should quiet down now. more free time to try and improve skiing. cos it's still pretty bad...
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