spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

hooray, it's finally cold

tried and failed miserably at surfing a few weeks back maybe. got dumped quite a few times. also on the same day, wasn't allowed onto sanctuary golf resort driving range cos we didn't have closed shoes. fucking elitist racist fucks. that's a bit harsh but who would have a wedding there? and thongs never stopped us at any other driving range ever. ended up finding a book from my (very short) books i guess i want to buy list, at a quite decent price in a quite very nice 2nd hand condition ((probably) cos it was previosuly owned by an asian chick) at a good sammys or something similar.

played the embleton/bayswater par3/4 course almost not too long ago. didn't do very well due to lack of adequate visual aids.

hotham in under a month. should probably book a plane ticket there or something like that maybe possibly.
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