spaceboykhan (spaceboykhan) wrote,

south west abouts

went down south about a week ago. nothing much happened. went to must margaret river for dinner. the gnocchi with duck and mushroom dish was awesome. and the dry aged rump too. can't remember last time had steak, but yeah. dessert was fucking amazing again. fresh churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce. fuck yeah. drank all the leftover sauce afterwards.

went to proper par 3 in busselton. did very well considering ((complete) lack of) driving range form. 9 holes ranged from 90m to 170m or so, good variety of distances. nice course, nice greens. some kangaroos were hanging around the first hole too.

went to some wineries and had lunch at duckstein. overrated and overpriced. disappointing. bratwurst was ok, but didn't rate the kassler cutlet. portions were too small for the price too. and went to a few more wineries.
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