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25th April 2011

5:23pm: season in review
should've posted more during the season i guess. oh well.

ended up getting some old school head carve skis from the recycle centre while i was getting the others fixed. one of the supervisors gave me a spare set of decent salomon 12 bindings and got them remounted on the fishers.

not much happened in jan, seemed to be raining all the time. cover down low was getting a bit sketch. finally got the s3's in late jan. took over a month to arrive. they're awesome. thought they would be my powder skis, but are more like all mountain skis. not quite fat enough for deep pow, but pretty good for all conditions. would ski them all the time, if i wanted.

february was quite good snow wise. lots of it. snowiest february ever i think.

actually tried stuff on skis in march. did some drops, and tried to do 3's in the park. didn't work out too well. but didn't really hurt myself too bad, so it was ok. was eventually able to do 3's sort of on flat and off small bumps and cattracks. got a fair bit of decent pow skiing in too. would rather be boarding, but not too bad on the fattish skis.

kept snowing in april, which it normally doesn't. moved in with hotham friend, cos someone else left to go back to montreal. finally landed a decent drop, around 10ft. nearly died while skiing along the ridge line near couloir extreme. slid over some rocks and lost edge, nearly went over some exposed 60ft cliffs.

telus fest just finished. was pretty good. lots of stuff going on. saw a bunch of live bands, went to a few events. went to 3po for free, a 'multimedia' showcase short video comp or something. winning short was a stop motion, the man and the mammoth. really cool. the snowboard slopestyle wasn't that great, not really any pro riders. someone was trying double backflips off the hip gap jump, that was cool tho. saw a bunch of live bands, spirit of the west, tokyo police club, black mountain, and broken social scene. and a bunch of others a bit. bss were pretty good. they played for around 90mins, pretty much a full set. went to the palm bay slush cup on saturday, seemed like the busiest day on mountain all season. massive line for all the lifts. random people trying to ski/board across a large pool of water, dressed up, doing funny/stupid stuff. was quite funny. weather was perfect for it, bluebird and hot. then skiers big air that night, 70ft kicker. with heaps of pros. you pretty much needed to do double cork 12's.

work. not surprisingly they well overhired staff this season. i was lucky though and managed to average 4-5 days a week of work. some of the snowboard instructors weren't even getting 3 days a week. didn't seem to work very much at schools, and usually got elementary kids, was much better when i had the older kids, bit disappointed didn't get to work there as much. and i did club on the weekends. same kids on saturday and sunday. had a kid with asberger's in the saturday class, that was always hard work. sunday kids were mostly shithouse, all 5 or 6 years old, and couldn't ski and didn't really want to ski. some didn't progress at all, but one kid improved heaps, cos he tried really hard. didn't get any tips at all from any parents at the end of the program. a double block of toblerone and a $5 starbucks gift card, that was all. gay. oh well. worked down at whistler kids during the xmas/new year holidays. wasn't that great, so disorganised, lunch was shit, and always kept getting the younger kids. did a few days at blackcomb kids later in the season when there were no schools, that was a bit better, a bit more organised and relaxed.

overall... went to a lot of staff dinners. too many dickhead aussies. lots of young kids. good terrain. low altitude, rained lower half of mountain a fair bit. lots of good snow up top.

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13th December 2010

7:33pm: hmm
didn't ski that much before training. cbf. got some new skis and bindings at the ski pro deal night. luckily they had what i wanted. rossi s3 168's, fat skis, around high 90's underfoot. wanted to get some touring bindings, but couldn't get any there, so just got some standard 12 bindings. ski school party was right after, caught up with all the hotham crew.

training. mostly boring. caught something off roommate, so wasn't feeling that great all week. not skiing too well either. everything pretty much a refresher for everything i've already done. shadow day was quite eventful though. took forever to get groups sorted out. had some intermediate kids. one girl sprained her wirst with another instructor before lunch, another kid twisted his knee on the last run of the day. another kid puked in the gondola down at the end of the day. the girls were making him laugh while he was drinking water, hilarious.

signed up for level 2 training yesterday. pissing down with rain all day. didn't get too wet though. completely fucked up one of my ski bindings now. was skiing down a fairly steep section and fell back, got up and fell back again. that was when someone noticed the front of the binding had come off the ski. the pin had come out during the hotham season from getting hit by a runaway snowboard. fixed it properly back home. skiied pretty hard yesterday, so must've come loose sometime. then all it took was too much back seat to fuck it up completely. obviously couldn't ski down with one ski, and was near the top of the mountain. so had to walk back up the steep section back to the top of the chairlift. then had to get a snowmobile ride to the bottom of some other chair. had to catch that to the top, then bummed another (short) snowmobile ride to another lift to download. then had to download another lift, and finally up another one to get back to home. 4 chairlifts, fucking ridiculous. a ride all the way to the bottom would've been nice. they didn't seem too busy.

went to staff dinner for dinner. sunday is roast night. $6 for roast meat with veges and gravy, (chowder) soup, salad, (grape) jelly, (choice of fruits, )and unlimited pop. quite a decent amount for the price. there also happened to be an 80's quiz for that night, first prize being 4 free dinners. thought i was a guaranteed win for sure, most of the people there probably weren't even born in the 80's. ended up coming 2nd, won nothing. the team that won looked quite young, probably cheated with their iphones.

today, took the ski to some places to see if it could be fixed. obviously not. will have to remount it with some other bindings. saw some cheap ex-rental skis for $50, might get those and swap the bindings over. gonna go to the recycle centre tomorrow to see if they have any interesting stuff or anything cheaper.

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29th November 2010

12:00am: canadia
arrived a few days ago. flight to sydney was freezing for some reason. then had to wait around 3hrs before i could check in. flight to vancouver was not unexpectedly long. watched two chinese movies and a show about michelin stars. apparently it was the coldest day in vancouver 25 years or something, -8C, fresh. flight arrived late, immigration for working holiday visa people was taking forever, only one person doing it and 20+ people waiting. worried i wasn't going to make my bus to whistler. in the end more people turned up to help out and made it to the bus with a bit of breathing space. got a taxi to the staff accom after being dropped off.

staff accom is not that great. a bit small. two bedroom, one bathroom units. two people per room. i got stuck with the top bunk as i was last person to move in. roommates are ok, but all a bit young, in their early 20's. two are from hotham too, one i recognised. worst thing though is that there's no oven!!!!!!!!!! wtf. having serious issues thinking about what to cook for the season. it is in a very good location though. walking distance from work and pretty much ski in, ski out. right next to the ski slope.

sorted all the paperwork and everything out in the first few days. wasn't too hard. somehow forgot my criminal record check, luckily i had a backup that was acceptable. went to the pro deal night for snowboard instructors and got the helmet i wanted for really cheap and a snowboard. the protec b2 snow helmet with audio ear pads and a forum destroyer chillidog wide as a powder board. the libtech rep wasn't there, but i will get his contact details and probably get a libtech board too.

groceries are fucking expensive. was expecting prices similar to america, but more like prices closer to japan. maybe cos it's a ski resort town. will confirm when i go to walmart in squamish when i can.

training doesn't start for another week and a bit, so have lots of free time. went skiing last two days. rode the peak2peak gondola first day. pretty cool. second day stayed on blackcomb. hadn't a massive crash and double ejected. not easy to do with dins on 8. didn't ski today, neck, arms, shoulders are quite sore.

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25th November 2010

11:23pm: everything else until now
didn't work much before hotham. found a great retaining wall for a rugby oval in cottesloe to climb. got an xbox360. played that a fair bit.

hotham. didn't suffer too much from the sophmore slump. and by the end was a pretty great season. started off very slow. without snowmaking, would've been nothing. then snowiest august for fucking ages. dumped massively. unfortunately did not get to enjoy much, was either working or on the skis eating shit. failed the ski resit, passed demos, only freeski to go. went for sb level 1, failed demos and freeski. should've passed demos if i wasn't riding so shit that day.

whistler were doing interviews at hotham, so applied for that and got an instructor job. worked out perfectly as i was going to canada to do something one way or another.

left hotham later than the season before but again didn't stay until the end. went to melbourne and hung out there for a few days. that was quite fun. caught up with some people and stuff.

didn't work much again after hotham. tried to get fit. failed miserably. went climbing a few times, a bike ride, a swim. mostly played xbox. and very slowly got ready to goto canadia.

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8:10pm: a bit late...
this happened around 8 months ago.

tokyo day 2. tired of tokyo after one day, went to yokohama and the largest chinatown in japan apparently. wasn't very exciting, very touristy and japanese. nothing like normal chinatowns. then walked to the harbour and walked around a lot. then back to tokyo and walked around the palace exterior or something. finally back to the 100yen sushi place and got more stuff from the much larger 100yen store nearby.

tokyo day 3. went to shizuoka. to visit shizuokagirl. bus ride took a few hours i think. she showed me around her town and stuff. was quite cloudy and couldn't see mt fuji at all. even though we were right near it. disappointing. still it was fun to get out of the city and do more relaxing stuff. went to expensive unagi restaurant right before i left. tasted so fucking good. bus ride home took forever, lots of traffic. still went to 100yen sushi again for dinner.

plane ride ridiculousness. those cunts at checkin for garuda said i could only have one carry on, and my ski bag was too heavy or something. even though i had no problems at all from perth to tokyo. then when i repacked and put more stuff into the big carry on, they said my ski bag had to be 15kgs. fucking outrageous. what the fuck was up with going from tokyo. i told them it was fucking impossible and to go fuck themselves. they stopped caring by that point and wanted me out of there. ski bag ended up being just over 20kg, and big carry on that i had to check in was under 15kg. fucking inconsistent garuda baggage rules.

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20th April 2010

1:39pm: tokyo day1
first day was spent walking around tokyo and shopping and stuff.

woke up earlyish to go to the tsukiji fish market. didn't get there early enough so not very exciting. just lots of stalls selling tuna and shellfish and stuff. saw some really large abablones. ate at a very expensive sushi place there. had a salmon, crab, and chu toro for around 1500yen. not really worth it.

next was to akihabara. the large electronics area. walked around to heaps or computer/camera/electrical stores looking for cheap stuff and found nothing. also went to some video arcades, those were the days...

next was the quest to find a cheap one piece. went to the ski/sb area and went to every shop i could see. everything was still overpriced and not great. even though it was the end of the season. so disappointing. didn't find any one pieces for a decent price.

then to abc mart a shoe store chain. went to the main store hoping to find some cheap shoes. again very disappointed. store was smaller than some of the other one i had been to and the range of shoes wasn't that great either.

then finally to what is supposed to be a decent 100yen store in harajuku. another waste of time. another small store with a shitty range of products.

then back home and to the nearby 100yen sushi place for dinner. place was packed with an hour or so wait, but got in straight away thanks to a single empty spot on the counter. not the greatest sushi, but can't complain for 100yen a plate.

very disappointing day overall. just reminded me of osaka except bigger and crappier. and no bargains to be found shopping.

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19th April 2010

10:51pm: last days in japan pt1
didn't do much after hakodate and before i left niseko. spent most of the time pissfarting around and slowly packing. went to sapporo on my last night there. quite pointless and timewasting, but it was my last night, yellowf and tokenj really wanted to go (to see aspen friend before i leave). was supposed to go sometime after lunch but left at around 5pm. was going to goto allyoucaneat bbq, but wasn't hungry yet, so went to pachinko first, for yellowf's benefit. loud, annoying, smoky and boring. tokenj lost a few thousand and yellowf lost a thousand on 1yen pachinko. after that ended up going to nakau, a donburi chain like yoshinoya.

then to meet up with oldfriendimetinaspenthatlivesinsapporo at starbucks, cos tokenj had *any* drinks free coupons. went to mandai quickly while she got ready and drove there. unfortunately was not able to find any decent snowboard pants my size. oh well. tokenj bought a scooter. what a retard.

met up with aspengirl at starbucks. got the venti (largest) dark-chocolate mocha frappucino, plus extra shot, plus whipped cream, plus chocolate sauce, plus choc chips. hooray for free drinks. wasn't feeling too great afterwards though. there still another coupon left, but was way too full to use it.

then we went to karaoke. even tho it was already midnight, it would take up to 3hrs to get back home, and i still had to do final packing to go catch the bus at 10am to the airport to goto tokyo. karaoke was very cheap, stayed for 90mins. was not singing well at all that night tho.

finally left sapporo at around 2am. i was driving cos the others had drunk. fuel was under a quarter and dropping fast. this was around 15mins out. decided not to turn back to fill up. we might not make it, that would be funny. started to drive conservatively, so not as fast as i would've liked, and in neutral a fair bit. made it back quite easily before 4am. fuel light didn't even come on. the fuel efficient advantages of kei cars.

woke up early to finish packing and catch the bus to the airport. nothing exciting happened. sent my ski bag from the airport to narita airport. how convenient. no need to lug that massive thing around tokyo. nothing exciting flight. caught some trains to accom in tokyo. during rush hour. fully packed trains with no room to move. hotel was quite a walk from the train station. but it was cheapish and had my own private room. good enough for me. night time by now. got some food from the combini nearby and planned the next day...

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31st March 2010

1:17am: day trip to hakodate
...on what was supposedly one of the top 3 days of the season. oh well.

got woken up at 630am, that wasn't fun. went back to bed. made toast without realising some were already waiting at the car. grabbed everything and toast and had to eat in the car. eventually left the house sometime after 730am. then stopped at tokenj's work while he pissfarted around looking for some guides or something. i think we eventually left around 8am, cos supposedly it would take 4hrs to get to hakodate.

stopped for a rest just passed oshamanbe possibly. and got some cheap soba and free (really shit) fried scallops on a stick. then all the way to hakodate to try and make it to the markets before they closed at noon. stopped at the first lucky pierrot, a burger chain that only exists there. was advised by the staff to goto the park first and the markets are more for wholesalers and the shops don't close then.

so we went to onuma park. the lake was frozen and covered in snow. yellowf tested the integrity of the lake ice by throwing a large rock down onto it from a bridge. fully solid. we all walked on the lake for a bit at some point. and walked around the park over the many small bridges, until we left cos yellowf's (ex)gffromshizuoka's feet were cold. it was nice, be interesting to see it snowless and unfrozen.

next was to hakodate central for famous seafood donburi. i got a salmon and scallop one. the salmon was so fucking good. others had prawns, crab, squid, salmon roe and other stuff. then we walked around the markets. i tried some uni (sea urchin (roe)). tastes like eating the sea with a bad seafoody aftertaste, i wonder why it's so fucking expensive. tokenj and shizuokagirl bought some uni, and other crap for a very good price.

then to some old red brick warehouses converted into nice shops and stuff. stopped at a coffee shop. for some cake and drinks. got some nice chocolate cake. also visited the first ever concrete electricity pole in japan. not very exiciting. just an ordinary power pole, if it wasn't for the sign next to it. then stopped a one of the many lucky pierrots we saw while there. for the most popular "chinese chicken" burger. which was just some karaage chicken in a bun with lettuce and some sweet'n'sour like sauce. not that exciting.

next was fort goryokaku. which possibly might translate to pentagon shaped fort. the fort itself was closed by the time we got to it, but the tower right next to it was still open, for some good views. the others went up, while i waited cos i didn't want to pay over $10 to go up and not very exciting tower. apparently tokenj spent the whole time up there trying to chat up a (supposedly (according to yellowf (who is incredibly biased))) hot chick. funny stuff.

night time by then. time for the main event and highlight of the trip. mount hakodate. apparently one of the three best city night views in the world supposedly. the other two being hong kong (check) and naples (not yet). we had to take the ropeway up cos the roads to the top were closed in winter. it was perfect conditions that night. the sky was clear and the full moon was out and the wind wasn't too strong. attempted to get some decent shots from the observation deck on the roof. quite cold up there. got a few good shots. not many. but it was quite a nice view. walked around a bit a checked out the souvenir store before catching the ropeway back down.

then off to ramen. the top salt based ramen restaurant in hokkaido according to tokenj's magazine that he had, if it can actually be believed. we stopped at a sushi place first for some reason i forget. was a bit more expensive than usual places. and no unagi. but for some strange reason salmon was among the cheapest dishes. had six plates of that. it was so fucking good. no idea why it was the cheapest, no complaints from me. then to ramen right after that. got the salt one, while tokenj got a special miso one, and shizuokagirl got a spicy one. we shared some gyoza. and finished off what shizuokagirl couldn't finish.

finally went home after that. slept most of the way while shizuokagirl kept tokenj awake for the drive. quite a fun day.

shizuokagirl left to go back to (tokyo, but ended up being) shizuoka the next day. even though she was supposed to stay longer, but things weren't working out with yellowf.

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25th March 2010

2:18pm: wow, another update
memory is so bad.

had an okonomiyaki party a few days back. there was argument about what should be put in them. but it all worked out in the end. pork/kimchi was my combination of choice. seafood mix was also added to it. which doesn't sound like it would go well with pork, but didn't seem to be a problem.

went riding the last few days. probably last 3 days. but don't really remember. there was a massive dump, but fucking windy. so didn't head out until lateish afternoon the first day when the winds dies down slighty and they opened some lifts. got some nice fresh turns i guess. the next day winds were all but gone, so we hiked the peak. the top was ice, but the rest of the way was some nice fresh pow. maybe a bit heavy but still ok.

then what was meant to be a trip to kutchan to do some shopping ended up being a trip to otaru. stopped in yoichi for late lunch at a place recommended by heaps of japanese people. i got the unagi-don. and a salmon onigiri. pretty good. then to otaru for allyoucandrink karoke. stayed there for about 2.5hrs. had about 6-8 or so kahluamilks without any ill effects. and didn't feel like shit afterwards, that was good. they had ice ice baby there, first time i've seen it at any karaoke. unfortunately yellowf was unable to keep up with me and was mostly out of sync the whole time.

blue bird the next day. took the skis out, cos no more powder. and hiked the peak again. soley for views. snow conditions up there were rather crap and heavy, being so fucking hot and sunny. had to take my jacket and shirt off and go topless when we stopped halfway up to cool down and again when we got to the top. got some cool photos and went with yellowf's missus back to hano3 cos she had cramp in her toes and i didn't want to hike out. while the others went down the other way. went home after a few more runs on the groomers.

party at night at our place. didn't know until late arvo. a fair amount of people, got quite crazy later. went to bed early. had a killer headache at the end of the night. place was fucking filthy in the morning. fucking lazy cunts.

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19th March 2010

4:02pm: japan update #2
nothing particularly exciting has happened since sapporo i guess.

worked fairly solidly for two weeks during chinese new year. that was actually quite fun. rather than sitting around doing nothing much all day. got paid to ski and snowboard a bit. haven't worked since. but made some good money. even got a tip.

went to hangetsuko twice. a lake in a crater near the base of mt. yotei. the frist time we went, we slid down to the lake level, which was obviously quite frozen over. and smokestoomuchgirl got stuck at a point where there was a drop down. she would lead you to believe it was a cliff, in actuality it was a rather small drop, maybe 2m or so, with fresh pow landing. i went to help her and also got stuck, almost slid down and fell due to lack of footing, but managed to support weight on a small stick with a decent root system. after some pissfarting around just jumped off. smokestoomuch was too much of a pussy tried to moved to a better position to jump and just fell off like a spastic. quite funny. we walked onto the lake for fun then out of the crater on the normal designated path. the second time we went, we walked along the ridge of the crater. it had rained prior so the snow was quite heavy and soft. did not make for easy walking.

went to otaru at some point. the closest large town/city/whatever, about an hour or so away depnding on traffic, usually longer. went to a really good sushi place. had some fucking awesome eel and fatty salmon as usual. also went to karaoke too.

went rock climbing at some point too. at the local mini indoor rock climbing place. didn't do very well due to lack of energy and prior laziness as usual. and we walked there from our middle of nowhere accom, took 20-30mins, that didn't fucking help. was pretty fun still. and still better than everyone else that went. yellowf probably did as good as me if not slightly better. i should stop being so lazy and try and eat more.

some people left our accom to move into supposedly better on mountain accom. there was a party. didn't seem like we were invited. felt a bit awkward.

did the bag jump at hanazono. which is a jump into a large inflatable bag. so you can try all sorts of crazy stuff and supposedly not get hurt. helmets are mandatory. borrowed someone's. was on skis, and tried to do a backflip. stopped rotating somewhere between 180 and 270. landed on my head and hit the bottom. 2m of inflatable bag did not help much. neck was fucking sore the next day and subsequent days too. perfect example of why i don't ride park.

everyone moved out of our shitty middle of fucking nowhere accomodation almost two weeks ago. into super awesome location accom on mountain about 5-10mins walk from lifts. so much better. still didn't stop me from being too lazy to go skiing and stuff. been playing some starcraft against yellowf. he starts pretty quick and rushes, but that's easily stopped, then it's all over. there's also a ps2 here with tekken4. i suck at it so bad. getting better, but still mostly dominated by yellowf.

staff party about a week ago. open bar, lots of food. ate too much. lots of cheese weiners, fried half wingettes and wedges. didn't drink anything.

also played some table tennis recently on tournament quality equipment (at a bar not very far at all from new accom (sadly it's now shut for the season)). everyone is shit, except yellowf. beating him in the beginning then started losing to him when energy was running out. still heaps fun tho.

went to otaru again a few days back. just for fun. weren't really supposed to. so if anyone asks we were in kutchan having dinner. went to a supposedly massive but ended up being not so large 100yen store. then walked around an actual super massively long multi storey shopping mall. then went to a ramen place that iron chef french hiroyuki sakai has been to. how exciting. had the miso ramen. it was pretty good. cheap too.

last three days have been epic-ish powder days. didn't go out the first day. due to waking up too late and laziness. and not being informed by any of my housemates who ALL went out early. thanks for the fucking heads up. woke up earlier than usual and went riding most of the day yesterday. again everyone had left early again. so just went riding on my own. better anyway. not having to fucking wait for anyone and can goto my secret stashes. was riding a 156 that was not fully setback. back leg was dying fast. switched to the 162 fully set back, around lunch time some time. that made things easier. got a few untracked runs in and just riding pow all day in general. legs were sore by the end of the day. didn't wake up as early today. again everyone had left. such nice housemates. eventually got out there and hiked to the peak on my own. was getting quite windy by the time i was out there. legs were still sore from previous day and ran out of water. took quite a while to get to the top obviously, stopping every few steps. to recover from dying. had a really nice run tho, not too many tracks. didn't want to hike back out so cut back across to the chair. went back up to possibly hike up again. but peak gate was closed cos of winds, so traversed through another gate and traversed far far out. snow was much heavier and not so deep. didn't want too hike out too much so cut back across to point with the shortest hike out. was bored and tired by then so went home after that.

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19th February 2010

6:53pm: sapporo pt3
got up at 8am after pretty much no sleep. had breakfast at the spa. was quite shit. too much japanese crap.

then walked back to car. stopped at first supermassive sculpture we missed the previous night and took some photos. tokenj went to the top of sapporo tower for 700yen. we walked back to the car and waited.

then back to bic camera. yellowf got a video/still camera, i got a portable 500gb hard drive. we got massive discounts cos i had my passport with me and so we didn't have to pay sales tax and i did some other shit to get further discounts. hard drive ended up being around 8000yen, which is quite good i think. half as much as some other models in other places. and the camera went from 20000 to about 13000.

i absolutely insisted that we goto 100yen sushi. the previous place was good, but i wanted to load up on cheap sushi. ended up getting 14 plates. mostly eel and salmon. tried a scallop one (not that great (was cooked rather than raw)) and a chuutoro (medium fatty tuna (wasn't too bad)) and anago (which was like eel but not as good (smoother texture tho)). the fatty salmon one was really fucking good.

then off to the second mandai store. yellowf pretty much slept in the car for the rest of the trip. this mandai had different, possibly more interesting stuff. didn't find any decent snow pants tho. tokenj got 2 shoes so he could get one for half price.

next, tokenj went to get his haircut while we slept in car. then back to the first mnandai so he could get the jacket he tried on the previous day.

then to mos burger for dinner, then finally back home at night time.

overall a pretty good trip. finally got to see the yuki matsuri, which was awesome. and got to check out sapporo a bit too. pretty cool city. like a smaller version of osaka. possibly back there next week for the big air comp there, and yellowf wants to go drinks with chicks paid to drink with you.

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14th February 2010

5:44pm: sapporo pt2
...the night was nowhere near over.

first priority was to find some accomodation. went to a capsule hotel that looked nice, with onsen and stuff and was fairly cheap. no chance of getting booked out so decided to come back later at the end of the night.

first goal for the others: getting drunk. walked around for a bit looking for a bar or something. eventually got harassed at an intersection by random dudes trying to get us to go the establishments they were pimping, including various karaoke places, "hostess" bars, etc. the others wanted to go and drink with "hot chicks" for an hour for 3000+yen, one dude has a seriously severe case of yellow fever. decided to do that later, after having drinks elsewhere first. so we decided to go to karaoke allyoucandrink for 1000yen/hr after some bargaining. decided to do that for an hour.

karaoke was very quite fun. had quite a few songs i'd've never expected. especially: ash - halloween, wtf is a b-side by a not very well known band doing on the song list at a japanese karoke place. awesome. jet - move on, was heaps fun to sing. sadly, i was the best singer out of the three of us. but was on form this time or as best as i can hope for anyway. we extended the time there by 30mins twice, cos it was going so quick and it was heaps fun. and cos it was allyoucandrink, decided to make the most of it. nothing on the list looked very drinkable except kahlua milk, so just kept ordering those everytime yellowf got a beer. had about 6-9 of those by the end of the two hours. guess there wasn't much kahlua in them or something, cos wasn't particularly feeling the effects of them too much. they probably helped with the singing tho.

next, was looking for another capsule place that was closer than the first one we went to. so i could stay there and sleep for the night, cos i didn't want to pay some ridiculous amount of money to drink with some not that great looking chicks (cos i don't have yellow fever) that pretended to like you for an hour. our token japanese companion had far less to drink but continually got lost trying to find it, probably cos he was too busy perving on (mostly too young) chicks with short skirts and (sometimes) exposed legs in close to zero degree temperatures and got distracted.

while looking for the place (bumped/ran into)/stumbled upon/picked up/found two random japanese chicks coming out of somewhere walking around drunk as, all over the shop. one latched on to yellowf and the other needed help to walk without falling. after walking randomly with them in no apparent particular direction eventually went into a cafe for more allyoucandrink and pasta. so more kahlua milks for me. unfortunately, yellowf was in fully wasted sleaze mode and wasn't drinking much anymore. ended up having 3-5 or so there. so 10+ overall, and didn't feel any adverse effects. had to order food there as part of the allyoucandrink deal there. nothing that great. yellowf's chick refused to speak to him in english. and told him (many many times) that he was in japan and should fucking speak japanese. she was also quite surprised at finding out he was only 21, and kept crapping on (multiple times) about how he was too young for her cos she was 28. tokenj was doing a fair bit of translating for them. the other chick was drunk chain smoking, luckily airflow was away from me. it was fun but nobody was gonna get lucky, that much was quite apparent.

after leaving them to somehow stumble their way back home by bus or something or other, we resumed our search for the other capsule place. eventually found it, by then it was after 4am, drinking with chicks getting paid for it was no longer an option for them, yellowf was gutted. so we decided to stay there for six hours for a reasonable price, but not in capsules. just the spa and lounge area. had quick onsen to freshen up and stuff, then went to the lounge area to sleep. 5am by now, and the plan was to wake up at 830am. yellowf passed out straight away cos he was smashed. i didn't get much, if any, sleep. too many people and too much noise, from people moving around and snoring and some fucking cunt watching tv with the headphones out at some fucking ridiculous time.

oh well, end of a long and pretty good and eventful day 1...

(blah blah here)

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